Valerie Belkind Swissa

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Valerie Belkind Swissa,Born in 1985,Russia.

I got my first camera when I was 13.

I began taking pictures of friends, dressing them up & doing their makeup.

I studied the history of art, drawing, and computer graphics which became an integral part of my work.


In my 20s, I began experimenting with self-portraiture & shortly after posting my work online I got my first job.

More than a decade later, I am an experienced photographer,

Working with a large variety of clients from the fashion industry. 

I enjoy photographing fashion, products, and people, doing my utmost to capture their beauty.

Clients I have worked for include: Story, Delta, FIX, Maya Negri, Loni Vintage, Marcha Ballerina, Shlomit Ofir, Meydalle, TheyDREAM, Shani Jacobi, Golf Intima, Alef Alef, Tes bags, Bianco & Nero, Justin hats, Pioo Pioo, Dina Glass, Heartbreaker, Neta Efrati, and many more.

My Fashion product photography is featured in all Israeli fashion magazines for over a decade.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.



Tel: 0503450263   |   Valeriebelkind@yahoo.com

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